How Technology Helps & Hinders The Modern-Day Sleuth

How Technology Helps & Hinders The Modern-Day SleuthBack in the good old days, a private detective or amateur sleuth could justify entering the villain’s secluded hideout alone because they were miles from a telephone. Now, when everyone has a cell phone (and probably an internet connection) in his or her pocket, it’s not so easy to justify not just calling the police. After all, how many times can one use a dead cell phone battery as an excuse? (Does the sleuth play one too many games of Angry Birds instead of paying attention to the stakeout?) And how do you keep things interesting when so much of a modern detective’s work involves tapping computer keys and peering at a computer screen? On this panel, published mystery and thriller authors will discuss how technology makes life both easier and more difficult for the savvy crime writer.

To be a part of this discussion, you must be registered for the Killer Nashville Writers Conference.

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Just a reminder, Killer Nashville 2013 is August 22-25 this year.


About Clay Stafford

Clay Stafford is an author / filmmaker ( and founder of Killer Nashville ( As a writer himself, he has over 1.5 million copies of his own books in print in over 14 languages. Stafford’s latest projects are the feature documentary “One of the Miracles” ( and the music CD “XO” ( A champion of writers, Publishers Weekly has identified Stafford as playing “an essential role in defining which books become bestsellers” throughout “the nation’s book culture.” (PW 6/10/13)
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