Are We There Yet – Where No Man Has Gone Before? / Author Tom Collins

Author Tom Collins

Author Tom Collins

I try to include some far out stuff in my mysteries, but I’m finding that is hard to dabble in science fiction when we keep catching up with it.

Drones are becoming commonplace. The college where I received my undergraduate degree now awards advanced degrees in Drone Management.

Eyes in the sky on the military side can also unleash hell. In response, we have developed laser weapons that can shoot them down, and it will not be long before we have expanded their capability to the point that they can shoot down fast moving aircraft.

That brings me to the issue of “Raise the shields, Scotty.” Anti-missile shields are already deployed to protect the US. We have not yet, however, made them impenetrable.

According to a 2011 report prepared for the Army War College, we are unprepared for an attack that would incapacitate our electrical grid and put the nation in the dark for a sustained period. The villain could be a cyber-attack or a destructive Electro-magnetic Pulse (EMP) due to a high altitude nuclear explosion or due to severe solar storms. According to the study, 82% of the US population would starve to death during the first twelve months following such an event.

"The Claret Murders" by Tom Collins

“The Claret Murders” by Tom Collins

I have it on reliable sources that we are currently developing a Star Trek-style stun weapon that can be adjusted to kill or incapacitate. A perfect crowd control weapon—shoot a beam across an area and anyone entering the beam immediately begins vomiting. You remember the Star Trek line “Set your weapons on stun, gentlemen.”?

Boeing successfully tested a new missile that can take out electronic targets with little collateral damage. The missile is known as CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project) and fires a burst of high-powered microwaves at a targeted building to knock out the electronic systems—blinding command and control sites before troops or aircraft arrive.

What’s left—replicators? Sorry, you are too late. Haven’t you heard about 3D printers?

Tom Collins, Author, Entrepreneur, and Epicurean. The London-based publication Citytech called him an “outstanding individual and visionary” when M. Thomas (Tom) Collins was named as one of the Top 100 Global Tech Leaders in the legal community. Tom Collins, as he prefers to be called, is also the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the US Publication Law Technology News for his contribution to the use of technology in the legal community. Although now retired from the commercial world, he continues to write and speak on the subject of management and pen his Mark Rollins adventure series of mysteries.  Mysteries by Tom Collins include Mark Rollins’ New Career, Mark Rollins and the Rainmaker, Mark Rollins and the Puppeteer and the newest, The Claret Murders. For more information on Tom Collins or his written works, go to

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